Improving Tomorrow
"You're home at your fingertips."

Improving Tomorrow has always been about using the technology available to enhance not only our daily lives both at home and in the workplace, but also special occasions such as holiday/birthday parties or planning events. The initial home-based product, CHAD (Central Home Automation Director), began utilizing the connected technology as it began evolving back in 2001. With this software, home owners were able to help manage their largest investment by reducing their electrical usage, ensuring their lawns were properly maintained, increasing the safety of their families, and always being aware of the property with cameras that could be accessed from anywhere. New technical advancements continue to be made every day, bringing new opportunities for more enjoyment or peace of mind to our lives. 

While the initial concept of Improving Tomorrow was anchored in Home Automation, the growth and success of the Internet sparked new ideas to utilize the technology that was now becoming prevalent to all levels of society. Exposing friends and family to the possibilities became an exciting part of the organization, and of course, the best way to involve them was through fun social events. Listed below are some of the ground-breaking ideas that were accomplished simply with some savvy developers and a desire to entertain.

Throw a Time Travel Party: Use the CHAD software to coordinate lighting, smoke machine, and other special effects timed to videos being projected. Videos & headlines associated with different time periods are synced between displays throughout the event, and as the party passes into the next time period, flashing lights, billowing smoke, and other sound effects help create a total experience for the guests.
Halloween Party Contest: Capture photos of everyone as they enter the party (a good way to make sure you see everyone's costume), and the participant's photos are available online for guests to cast their votes against by using their smart phones. The photos and halloween music videos are also projected upon large screens throughout the event. Use CHAD to also trigger scary sounds and thunder effects as people enter gates or randomly throughout the evening.
  Host a Fundraiser: Collect money at the door and throughout the event location and send updates via iPads to an online website. The current amount raised along with the goal are automatically updated on a large screen visible for all attendees.
Plan a Camping Trip: For those large group outings, an online web portal allows the large amount of effort in preparing the meals to be distributed across everyone involved by allowing them to signup for specific tasks, submit payments, organize carpools, and provides an instant roster that can be used during the event.
Birthday Party: Take the traditional slideshow a step further by adding a dynamic timeline and location information that is displayed with each photo, especially interesting for those world travelers!
Host an Oscar Party: Create an online voting portal to allow your guests to make their predictions prior to the show, and then relax as the results of their votes and how they rank with the other guests are automatically updated on another screen.‚Äč