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CHAD does a lot of cool stuff.

Graphical Floorplan CHAD provides a highly customizable user interface for interacting with the devices in your home. Easily use your own images or photographs for backgrounds, and utilize the included device graphics or create your own to represent the lights, outlets, fans, etc. These can then simply be clicked to change the state from off to on.
Device Management Create custom categories for your various devices for quick filters. See an overview of every device configured in one screen which also allows the user to also turn them on or off.
Macro Builder Create a library of commands that can be executed with a single click. These macros can then be utilized in automations which are triggered by time, day or week, or other conditions.

Automate! CHAD's power comes from the build in automations that can be triggered from a combination of conditions: 

  • Time of Day
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Sunrise or Sunset
  • Receipt of remote X10 command
  • When Motion is detected
  • Specific Dates
  • State of a device
  • Specific Modes
  • Weather Conditions

Once the defined set of conditions is met, the following actions can then be taken:

  • Control a Device (On/Off/Dim)
  • Control Audio/Video Equipment
  • Wait a specified amount of time (to insert delays)
  • Execue aMacro
  • Change the System Mode
  • Make an Announcement


CHAD has been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7. For X-10 Control, the CM15A is supported.

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External Products

CM15A Controller: USB computer interface that sends and receives all 256 X-10 house/unit codes. This item can be purchased from the Home Automation Store

Ocelot Controller: RS232 Interface for X10 and IR Control. This item can be purchased from Smarthome